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Father And Son Team

My wife, youngest daughter Courtney and I moved to Florida in 2003 from Massachusetts, we bought a pre-existing business.  My son Jason (JC) moved down a couple years later.  We Incorporated the business with JC being a 50% partner, acting as vise president of the company and myself as president/ceo of the company.  At this point the company became John Comeau And Son Mowing Svc Inc.

With my experience in management in the corporate world of Newspapers which I spent 35 yrs and JC's military training and working for a major tree company in Massachusetts dealing with customers on a daily basis we have been a good mix.  The business has quadrupled in 6 years.  This can be attributed to reliability, being quality conscious, and competitive pricing.  We have always tried to go the extra mile for our customers when ever possible.

My name is John Comeau I was born and raised in Ipswich Ma. My wife Vicki of 41 years was born and raised in Rochester N.H.  We did foster care for 20 yrs. and managed to raise 6 of our own children.  We now have 15 grand children with more still to come.

My Name is Jason Comeau, I grew up in Brockton Ma. I was the 3rd born of 6 children.

I graduated from Brockton High School.  I joined the Us Army I went air born jumping out of airplanes, with a mos as a combat engineer that means I ran heavy equipment building things like roads and bridges.  I spent time overseas in Kosovo and England.  Back in the states I was based at Fort Bragg South Carolina.

I worked in the restaurant business during the time I was in High School.  After I got out of the service I worked for Newcomb Tree Svc a large South Shore tree svc owned and operated by my cousin Paul and his father.  Then my father asked me to move down here and join him.  And that's my story.

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